Exede Internet Provider


Exede Installation

Important Your installation date and time will be agreed on when you order.

Your installer will contact you before your installation date to review site requirements, your preferences and confirm the date and time for your installation. An adult with the authority to make decisions is required to be present when Exede Internet is installed.

Self Install is not an option. Only Certified Exede Installers may install Exede Internet.

Satellite TV: Exede Internet requires it's own satellite dish and will not work with a satellite tv dish.

Renters: If you rent, obtain landlord permission to have the Exede Internet installed, including the satellite dish, before you order.

HOA or Condo owners: If you are subject to Home Owners Association Rules, check those before you order. If you or neighbors have satellite tv, it is likely Exede Internet will be acceptable. If there is resistance, know that the Exede satellite dish is considered an "Over-the-Air Reception Device" by the FCC - the same classification as residential satellite tv - and is legally permissible for mounting to your home.



Custom Installation: Your Exede order includes standard installation. When on-site, the installer may find that your installation requirements exceed standard installation. This is rare. The installer will quote a price for a custom installation. If you agree, you are responsible for paying the custom installation fee at the time of install. If you do not agree, contact Exede Customer Service and arrange to have a second accessment for your installation.

Wireless Router: When you order, ask if Exede WIFI is available in your area. If it is available and you purchase this option, your Exede modem will be a combo modem and router supporting wireless, and your installer will setup the router according to your preferences. If Exede WIFI is not available in your area or if you prefer to purchase your own wireless router, the Exede Installer will not setup your router. The Exede installer will setup an internet connection with the pc you identify as your primary pc, and you will be responsible for setting-up your wireless router. This is generally not difficult and high quality wireless routers are widely available at modest prices.

Having and setting-up a wireless router is essential for the security of your home internet service. We urge you to purchase a wireless router and have it ready to setup when Exede Internet is installed.

With your Exede Internet connection established, the installer will answer any questions you may have, and will have you sign the Customer Agreement. With this, you will get an email address, access to the Exede Portal, and access to Exede Customer Service when needed.